Hints for dealing with common (and not so common) Agent failures.

Common Errors

ProverSync found new root but could not find leaf under it

The eth_getLogs RPC call is used by Agents to query for events from a given EVM-compatible blockchain. This error manifests when an Agent is unable to locate a Dispatch event for a given message. This sometimes manifests on some novel EVM-compatible networks non-deterministically and can be hard to debug. The error lists the current root and the leaf index of the message that was not properly indexed. A special case of this Error is when the Agent cannot locate the first leaf with index 0. This usually indicates a deviation from the behavior of an Ethereum Geth node, which has event data indexed in a separate data structure than block data. This is generally fixed by switching your RPC to an Archive node, such that all the required data to format the response to eth_getLogs is available at query-time. Below is an example of an error in this special case:

ProverSync found new root 0x6f46…504c but could not find leaf under it. Leaf index of missing leaf: 0.

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