Interact with Nomad across testnet and mainnet environments

Nomad is currently deployed on both mainnet and testnets of various networks, across three environments:

  • Development

  • Staging

  • Production

Contract Addresses

The addresses of Nomad contracts deployed on-chain can be found in our configuration package.

Our development environment is deployed on testnets and intended for Nomad core team to test new features and debug. It is unstable!

Our staging environment is deployed on testnets so that developers can test their cross-chain applications.

Our production environment is deployed on mainnets for real-world application usage.

Bridge App

The Nomad bridge app is available in both environments.

Production: https://app.nomad.xyz/

Staging: https://staging.app.nomad.xyz/

Development: https://development.app.nomad.xyz/

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