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Example Code

This repository has several examples one can use to build understanding around Cross-Chain Applications.

xApp Template

Important! The template supported Solidity version is <0.8!

This is a template provided by the Nomad team that shows the high-level components of an xApp, ready for one to fill in their own application logic and utilize a Nomad channel for cross-chain communication.

To implement a xApp, define the actions you would like to execute across chains. For each type of action,

  • In the xApp Router:

    • implement a function like doTypeA to initiate the action from one domain to another (add your own parameters and logic)

    • implement a corresponding _handle function to receive, parse, and execute this type of message on the remote domain

    • add logic to the handle function to route incoming messages to the appropriate _handle function

  • In the Message library:

    • implement functions to format the message to send to the other chain (encodes all necessary information for the action)

    • implement functions to parse the message once it is received on the other chain (decode all necessary information for the action)

Connection Management

The router implements the XappConnectionClient abstract contract. This contract provides convenience functions for working with a XAppConnectionManager.

See the section on Connection Management.

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